How to Bet on Hockey Games

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Bet on Hockey Games

Hockey is the Canadian national pastime and national passion, and all newborns are given their first set of skates as they leave the hospital.

Yet America’s greatest sports moment was the Miracle on Ice – the win over the Soviet Union at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. The last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup was Montreal in 1993. An American team has won hockey’s biggest prize every year since.

And as good as Canada and the United States are at hockey, on the Olympic stage Russia, Germany, Sweden, and Finland have all won medals in the last two men’s tournaments.

Hockey is a worldwide passion, as seen by the 18 different nationalities represented in the NHL. And betting on hockey, and the Stanley Cup playoffs, is some of the best sports betting anywhere on the planet.

NHL Season Structure

The NHL drops the puck on an 82-game regular-season schedule in October. That’s 41 games on the road, 41 games at home, and a total of 1,271 games in the league each season.

The 31 NHL teams (going to 32 with the addition of the Seattle Kraken) play the majority of their games inside their division. Then outside the division but inside the conference. And finally, there is a home-and-home two-game series against each of the teams in the opposite conference. So every season, each of the NHL’s teams makes a visit to all of the league’s arenas.

A total of sixteen teams – eight from each conference – make the playoffs and the right to play for the Stanley Cup, the most prestigious trophy in sports. Each of the playoff series is a best-of-seven, meaning that it is possible for the two Stanley Cup Finalists to play an additional 28 playoff games on top of the 82 regular season games already played.

The season typically ends in mid-June.

Types of Single-Game Hockey Bets

Hockey Betting Strategies

It’s important to know that in hockey, more than any other team sport, the difference between the best team in the league and the worst team in the league is small. It’s why a team like St. Louis could go from the worst team in the league in January 2019 to the Stanley Cup champions by June. A hot goalie, good health, and found chemistry can turn anyone in the league into a contender.

So take a look at underdogs when picking your bets. Hockey players are the toughest athletes on the planet, and almost every week, you hear about someone having his ear stitched in place so he can play in the third period. But injuries do take their toll, and especially on short rest. So know the injuries, and you have a betting edge.

Special teams are also a crucial part of hockey. Study each team’s power play and penalty-killing units, and know if any of those regular pieces are missing because of injury. A good penalty-killing unit combined with a hot goalie can be all it takes to win a game and win a series.

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Where to Bet on Hockey

No matter where you are placing your bets, hockey is available. But not all sportsbooks will carry all of the available prop bets for the NHL, international hockey leagues, the Olympics, and the rest of the hockey being played around the world. So look around and make sure you find one that does before you commit your money to anyone.

And if you can, find more than one sportsbook that meets that need in variety. Of course, most of the odds you’ll play will be the same from sportsbook to sportsbook. But sometimes, there will be differences, and any advantage you can find is worth exploiting. For example, if you like playing a team at +125, you’ll really like them at +135.

Finally, shop around for the best bonus offer that is available. You will see sportsbooks that give sign-up bonus money. In addition, there will be risk-free bets, deposit match bonuses, and free bet offers. Dig into the details of each and see if the terms and conditions meet the type of betting you typically do.

If a sportsbook offers you $1,000 in deposit match bonuses but requires $5,000 in wagers over 30 days to unlock the bonus, and you bet $10 a day, that’s not a bonus offer for you. However, if you’re wagering $200-$300 a day, suddenly the potential to win that free $1,000 is in play, and that’s a sportsbook worth considering.

Bottom line, just as you will do before picking which hockey team to bet, research the many sportsbooks that are available to find that one that gets your business.

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