How to Bet on Premier League Games

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The popularity of soccer in the United States has been building for many years and has all but reached a fever pitch in recent years. While America has its own domestic soccer league, the English Premier League is also wildly popular with fans in the U.S. After all, it’s arguably the best soccer league in the world and is home to some of the biggest stars on the planet.

Naturally, betting is a part of that popularity, especially with more states legalizing sports betting in one form or another. While betting on Premier League games is a little more complicated than betting on American sports, there is a lot of upside and makes the games even more compelling. With a little tutelage, anyone can learn how to bet on Premier League games.

Premier League Season Structure

The Premier League has a structure that’s easy to follow. There are 20 teams, and each team plays every other team twice during the season. It’s a double round-robin, meaning each team plays 38 games. Of course, there are domestic cup competitions and European competitions like the Champions League mixed in along the way. But the Premier League season itself is simply 38 match days.

For the most part, the Premier League plays its games on Saturday and Sunday. The league will slip in Friday and Monday games sometimes. There are also a few occasions when the Premier League schedules a full slate of games for the middle of the week. However, outside of international breaks, every weekend from mid-August to mid-May, there are 10 Premier League games with all 20 teams in action.

Single Game Premier League Bets

If you do the math, there are 380 Premier League games every season. However, there are far more than 380 ways to bet on Premier League games because there are multiple ways to bet on any given game.

Prop Bets

If you thought three-way moneylines held a lot of possibilities when betting on Premier League games, prop bets create even more possibilities. In short, prop bets are anything that’s unrelated to the actual score of the game. With 22 players on the field and a lot going on that doesn’t involve goals being scored, there is an almost endless number of potential prop bets during Premier League games.

Future Bets

Before the start of every Premier League season, and even after the season starts, futures betting is also a popular form of betting. For instance, when Leicester City won the 2016 Premier League title, a small collection of fans cashed in on small bets they made before the season when the club had 5000-1 odds to win the title.

Obviously, making a bet on the Premier League winner is popular. But it’s not the only form of futures betting available. Every team has a secondary goal of finishing in the top-4 places to secure a Champions League spot for the next season, so futures bets are available for teams finishing among the top-4 spots.

On the other end of the table, bettors can also place wagers on what teams will be relegated after the season. It’s also possible to bet on a team being able to avoid relegation. In fact, some bets are even more general, with wagers being possible on whether a team will finish in the top half or the bottom half of the 20-team table.

Futures betting is also possible for players and managers. On the player front, it’s possible to make wagers on what player will lead the league in scoring or win postseason awards. For managers, some bookmakers will take wagers on the next Premier League manager to be fired. Some will also entertain bets on who will fill a managerial vacancy.

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Premier League Betting Strategies

With so many different forms of betting available in the Premier League, it’s easy for novice bettors to get confused or overwhelmed. The general rule in betting is to avoid betting on what you don’t know. In other words, if you’re not familiar with both teams and the players on each side, don’t bet on that game.

Of course, there are a few more strategies that are specific to the Premier League that potential bettors should know about. For instance, avoid betting too early in the season. During the first few weeks of the season, things rarely go as planned. Most teams made meaningful changes to their squad during the offseason, so you won’t be seeing the same team that ended the previous season. Also, most of the top players may have spent the summer playing in international tournaments, so they could come back a little tired. Rarely does a team lead the standings from start to finish, so expect some early surprises.

Also, keep in mind that the Premier League is not the only competition for some of the top teams in the league. These teams might have midweek games in Champions League or Europa League, meaning they might have traveled and will be more likely to rest regular starters during a Premier League game. However, some teams will take the Premier League more seriously than European competitions, meaning they will rotate the starters midweek and play their best lineup in the Premier League. In other words, track the team’s lineup over several games to better predict who will play or just wait until the starting lineups are released an hour before the game starts.

Finally, examine your options and look for value. There are far too many good teams in the Premier League to blindly pick the favorite in every game, especially since heavy favorites offer little payout. Look for mid-table teams that are undervalued and have a chance to surprise a favorite with a win or even a draw. Also, keep an eye on games between some of the lesser teams in the Premier League. They can sometimes be a little more predictable than the teams at the top. In the end, don’t bet just to bet. Be patient, examine your options, and look for the right bet. If you can educate yourself on the teams and look for value, the Premier League can be a great place to make winning wagers.

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