How to Bet on Soccer Games

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Mobile betting is everywhere these days. Well, maybe not everywhere, but it’s expanding into new states, provinces, and territories all the time. With online betting expanding, so is the array of sports that bettors can use for online betting. Specifically, soccer is gaining in popularity for both spectators and bettors.

On the surface, betting on soccer games online might seem a little intimidating, especially for those who haven’t been following the game for long. But once you learn the basics and get a little experience, it can be a fun way to enjoy soccer and make some money at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about betting on soccer games online.

Soccer Schedule

One of the great things about betting on soccer is that the sport is always in season. For starters, almost every country in the world has a soccer league, and it’s common for online sportsbooks to offer bets from a dozen or more leagues. For the most part, the major leagues in Europe compete from August to May. But even when those leagues are in their offseason, leagues in other parts of the world, including MLS in the United States and Canada, are in the midst of their season. In other words, no matter what month it is, there’s a soccer league somewhere in the world that’s active.

Of course, club soccer is only part of the equation. Online soccer betting also includes international soccer. Every year, the club season includes a handful of international breaks that are mostly used to play qualifying games for major tournaments or competitions like the Nations League. Meanwhile, the summertime, when the European leagues are in their offseason, is used for major continental and inter-continental tournaments like the World Cup, Euros, Copa America, and Gold Cup. While each tournament is only held every few years, there is usually at least one every summer, making this a busy time of year for soccer bettors.

Single-Game Soccer Bets

Not only is soccer played year-round, but there is no shortage of ways to bet on every single game, regardless of the competition. Between the volume of games and the types of betting, there is an almost infinite number of ways to bet on soccer.

Soccer Prop Bets

In addition to single-game bets, soccer games also offer an almost infinite number of prop bets. These bets don’t always impact the score of the game, but they do revolve around important events over the 90 minutes. While there’s no guarantee that every online sportsbook will offer odds on every potential prop bet, soccer games offer a wide variety of possibilities for prop bets.

Futures Soccer Betting

Whether it’s the preseason or in-season, there are always plenty of futures bets available when betting on soccer online.

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Strategies for Betting on Soccer

Hopefully, you’re up to speed on the ins and outs of betting on soccer online. Once you start to understand the logistics of everything, it’s time to start thinking about strategies. In many ways, betting on soccer is the same as betting on other sports. However, there are a few things that make soccer unique, which could have an impact on your betting approach.

Stick to What You Know

Sticking to what you know is good advice in any sport, but it’s particularly important in soccer. As mentioned, there are literally dozens of leagues across the world, not to mention dozens of national teams. It’s almost impossible to be well-schooled in all of the teams in each of those leagues, not to mention every international team.

When you’re starting out, it’s best to focus on one league and perhaps just a handful of teams in that league. Once you start to get a feel for that one league to the point where you can make winning bets, then you can start branching out into other leagues. Even if you want to be a fan of multiple leagues, from a betting perspective, it makes sense just to focus on one league or one specific tournament.

Track Lineups

In football and basketball, it’s important to track injuries before making bets because they can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. With soccer, tracking injuries isn’t always enough. Managers tend to make at least a few lineup changes from one game to the next, especially when teams are playing more than one game per week. If possible, wait until the starting lineups are announced an hour before kickoff to make your bet. But even before that, you should try to anticipate what key players might play and who might be rested.

This is why it’s important to focus on one league or just a handful of teams. This makes it easier to track what players have been in the lineup and what players are likely to be rotated. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how teams are strengthened or weakened depending on what players are on the field. With so many potential variables in soccer betting, understanding the quality of a team based on who’s on the field is of great importance.

Find Value

Last but not least, betting on soccer online is all about trying to find value. That seems obvious, but it can be a little more difficult in soccer with three moneylines and all of the other forms of betting available. As mentioned, with three-way moneylines, in particular, it’s a lot easier to find bets that offer a lucrative payout. It’s just about taking your time and finding the right one.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to force things. There are so many soccer leagues and virtually no offseason, so there will always be more opportunities to make bets if you don’t see one that you like on a particular day. If you pay attention, do your research, and stick to what you know, you should be able to find bets with good value that will allow you to make money betting on the most popular sport on the planet.

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