How to Bet on NFL Games

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NLF the Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

There is no evidence that the creators of football and the NFL did so with sports betting in mind. But if they had tried to create a sport that was perfect for weekly wagering, they couldn’t have done much better than they did.

Baseball is America’s pastime, but football is America’s crazed passion, with its weekly schedule of games, millions of television viewers across the country and the world, and the billion-dollar stadiums that serve as Sunday cathedrals in 32 American cities.

And of course, there is the multi-billion dollar industry of sports gaming, which is only set to grow more significant now that the NFL has become its open and official partner.

NFL Season Structure

What makes NFL betting so appealing is the way the season is laid out. Point spreads and odds are released a whole week before the NFL plays its main bundle of games on Sunday. That’s seven days to dissect the matchup, watch developments at practice and with injuries, and over-analyze who the weather favors.

In the standings, each win and loss is more significant than in other sports, and that’s also the case with NFL bets. There is always another baseball game. The days without football can feel like an eternity.

The NFL is a 17-week schedule played out over 18 weeks, which gives us a total of 272 games to wager during the regular season. We then get 13 more games to wager in the postseason, ending with the biggest day on the sports betting calendar, Super Bowl Sunday.

Types of Single-Game NFL Bets

With 285 individual games on the NFL calendar, betting on a single game is going to be your focus most weeks. But each game comes with several different types of bets to place, and you need to know what they are, how they work, and which bet you would prefer to play.

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Types of Multi-Game NFL Bets

You are most likely going to put the majority of your bets on single games. But there are opportunities to add those single bets into larger group bets that pay more money, and you should know about them.

Parlay Bets

If your research has given you multiple games to bet, or multiple bets within the same game (like a point spread and over/under), you can either place all those bets individually or combine those bets into a parlay.

Parlay bets come with an escalating payout scale that generally looks like this, although some sportsbooks may vary.

And on and on it goes, although you will find some sportsbooks that put a cap on the number of bets you can bundle into a parlay.

If you’re going to bet on six individual games, why not bet them all in a massive parlay? The payout would be huge.

And yes, that is true if you hit the parlay. But it is also very true and far more likely that you will lose one or more of your games, and the entire parlay will be a loser.

Teaser Bets

This is a parlay bet in which you can move the point spread to be more favorable. For football teasers, you can move the spreads by 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0 points, with each shift in points leading to a smaller payout.

How it works is simple. Let’s say you have the Ravens -3, Chiefs -6.5, and Eagles +4.5 in a three-team parlay. If you tease that parlay by 6.0 points, your actual wager will be Ravens +3, Chiefs -0.5, and Eagles +10.5.

Win all three of those games at the new point spreads, and you will win the teaser.

Proposition Bets

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Futures Bets

The last type of NFL bet is a futures bet, which is exactly as it sounds. These are bets on things that are happening in the future, and sometimes as much as a full year in the future, like the winner of the next Super Bowl.

You can also bet on which teams will win the division and make the playoffs, plus bet the over/under on-season win totals for a team. There are also individual futures bets, like the winner of the MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year.

NFL Betting Strategies

With an entire week to talk about each of the NFL’s 16 games, information is plentiful. It’s easy to find out which players are on hot streaks, who is struggling, and which teams are dealing with critical injuries.

The reality is that you aren’t going to become more informed than the bookmaker who set the line, which makes it hard to find value bets. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t become more informed than your fellow bettors.

Go beyond the basic numbers. Who struggles to cover the tight end? What extra motivations exist on both sidelines? Where is the advantage on special teams?

Because the NFL is so ubiquitous in America and on television, a lot of people will bet on NFL games without doing much research. Be smarter and more informed than them, and it will pay off.

Once you’ve completed your research and dialed in on a game you think has a spread skewed by uninformed bettors, line shop. The margins in the NFL are razor-thin, so even just a half-point can make or break your betting Sunday.

If you win 53% of your bets, you will make money. At only 52%, you are losing money. So never short-change yourself by not looking for that tiny edge on the point spread.

But never, ever, chase a loss by betting on a game you had previously decided to avoid. If you win 53% of your bets, that means you will lose 47%. The surest way to raise that losing percentage is to bet a game simply because you’re mad you just lost. Before each Sunday, create a betting plan and then stick to it.

Sports Betting How To Guide

How Money Line Works?

Moneyline betting is by far the easiest way to place a sports wager. There are no point spreads to parse, no garbage-time free throws to ruin your betting day, and no last-minute meaningless touchdowns to take you from a winner to a loser.

How to Bet Odds

When we, as sports fans, learned our multiplication tables, we aced the number 7. Seven, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 were easy because we all watched football on the weekends. Multiplication by sevens, then add a three, a six after a missed PAT.

How to Bet on NFL Games

Baseball is America’s pastime, but football is America’s crazed passion, with its weekly schedule of games, millions of television viewers across the country and the world, and the billion-dollar stadiums that serve as Sunday cathedrals in 32 American cities.

What is the Spread?

If you are a golfer or have ever played on a bowling team, think of a point spread like a handicap. It is a way for two teams of differing abilities to play each other on equal footing.  The better team, and the favorite in the game, gives a certain amount …