Media by Associated Press: Dana White, UFC President, is seen in the octagon at UFC 269, Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Chase Stevens)
Media by Associated Press: Dana White, UFC President, is seen in the octagon at UFC 269, Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Chase Stevens)

Power Slap season 2 is knocking, and fans can’t wait to experience the powerful slaps from another season of slaps. Season 1 was a great success, and Dana White was proud of it, noting that he is set to make the sport one of the big things in the World.

Power Slap season 1 was aired on TBS network, where it got enough broadcasts as it garnered millions of views from fans. During this season, the events were well organized, with coaches and participants getting the rules right.

In the review, Dana White met with coaches Darius the Destroyer and Wolverine to review the entire season one of Power Slap.

The 8 episodes each one hour, were the best for the season as various categories of strikers engaged one another.

With the current arrangement, the sport involves two participants taking turns slapping each other in the face, and the winner is the one who survives the longest slaps.

The League has over 30 competitors, and the winner walks away with $2,000 to $10,000 per match.

Through the discussion, Dana White and the coaches reviewed how the league faired and what needs improvement in the upcoming series.

Power Slap Season 2 Beginning With More Hype and Success Expected

After successfully ending season 1, Power Slap season 2 is beginning in May. Initially, season 1 saw stickers learn rules and more regulations introduced for the safety of the participants.

Earlier, one of the strikers had a disfigured face resulting from a power slap. The event caused an uproar, with many suggesting a total ban on the sport.

Physicians, doctors, and activists jointly wanted the sport to end as it paused a threat to human life. Doctors noted that the long-term effects could lead to brain injury, and others suggested that the slap could result in physical damage in the face.

“Slap fighting is “perhaps the most absurd and senseless sport in the world.” “I don’t think any commission should be backing slap fighting,” Sutterer said on his YouTube channel. “I think it’s one of the most senseless, unnecessarily risky, and dangerous sports.”

Brian noted that other combat sports had protection while Power Slap had nothing to shield the strikers from injuries. Despite that, the shield has not been introduced, however, some more stringent rules on how to slap have been introduced with those who break them risking disqualification.

It is a measure to ensure season 2 is better than the previous season.

Dana White Tweet on Season 2 and The New Channel

As the hype for season 2 kicks in, Dana White’s latest tweet confirmed the onset of season 2 of Power Slap.

“SLAAAAAAAP WEEEEEEK!!!! #PowerSlap2 is LIVE and FREE WEDNESDAY only on @rumblevideo! @powerslapleague”

His tweet threw excitement in fans who kept guessing about the outcomes of the coming season. Fans are eager to see if the season will have the same impact it had in the first one with TBS. Dana White secured a deal with Rambo to air seasons 2 and 3 of the slaps.

Despite the excitement, one and only Jake Paul threw a jibe at Dana, responding to the tweet with, “OMG this is so big on social media!! Haha, whatever.”

Jake Paul and others are still waiting to witness if the second season will be a success than the previous season.

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