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Have a game you want to get the latest information on? It’s always nice to head to a website and see some of the best Picks, Predictions and Previews around? This is the one stop shop for all things in regards to the big game. Be sure to check out the Picks, Predictions and Previews page before you make any bets!

If you are looking for a football game to bet on, check our page to find the best line that gives you a chance to win. The same goes for other sports like basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and so much more!

Odds vary for all sports, but there are a few things you should know. Positive odds mean a team is an underdog, and negative odds show that a team is favored. For spread bets, a negative number indicates win by, and a positive number means be within.

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How Money Line Works?

Moneyline betting is by far the easiest way to place a sports wager. There are no point spreads to parse, no garbage-time free throws to ruin your betting day, and no last-minute meaningless touchdowns to take you from a winner to a loser.

How to Bet Odds?

When we, as sports fans, learned our multiplication tables, we aced the number 7. Seven, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 were easy because we all watched football on the weekends. Multiplication by sevens, then add a three, a six after a missed PAT.

How to Bet on NFL Games?

Baseball is America’s pastime, but football is America’s crazed passion, with its weekly schedule of games, millions of television viewers across the country and the world, and the billion-dollar stadiums that serve as Sunday cathedrals in 32 American cities.

What is the Spread?

If you are a golfer or have ever played on a bowling team, think of a point spread like a handicap. It is a way for two teams of differing abilities to play each other on equal footing.  The better team, and the favorite in the game, gives a certain amount …