Betting On The World Putting League

You are now able to bet on World Putting League events, and Professional Mini Golf.

Next Event: April 20th, Myrtle Beach.

One Day. 36 Golfers. Four Rounds. Only One Champion!

Bet On The Myrtle Beach, April 20th, World Putting League Event

Top Event Players: Best Odds & Insights

  • 27 yr old from Czech Republic, now living in Houston, TX with her husband (who is also a pro mini golfer of 20+ years) and kid (officially a MiniGolf Mommy as per her social media handles)
  • Favorite memory is when she came in 2002 to the US Open to compete at 7 years old
  • She started playing at the age of 3 years old, her dad gifted her a putter and from that day forward she knew she wanted to become a professional MiniGolfer
  • Coming off back to back Masters victories (2021-22) and has had a top 10 finish in the last 21 tournaments she’s entered

Outright Winner (+500)

  • Highly skilled player, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach native
  • Took first place in Sedona Arizona in 2008. Tournament. After the fourth round he was 8 out of the lead and in 5th place beyond some very good players. He came out and fought hard. Last 3 rounds shot well and was only 1 down going into last round. Stayed patient and focused and ended up winning the tournament (his favorite memory)
  • 4 time US Open Mini Golf member of the USPMGA Hall of fame
  • Started at 6 years old when his brothers took him out to play putt putt. Immediately hooked!

Outright Winner (+350)

Joey Graybeal

  • Age 52 from Tennessee – One of the worlds best putters, claw grip stroke – Highly competitive in every tournament he plays, he has finished top 5 in his last 10 efforts
  • Winning the Masters in 2019 and the US Open in 2016
  • Joey started working at a Putt Putt course at the age of 15 and fell in love with the game
  • After discovering his passion, he dedicated many hours to professionalize his game and compete around the world
  • When he’s not cleaning up on the course, Joey likes to fish and spend time with his family
  • Most holes in 1 in the first WPL event!

Outright Winner (+600)

  • Age 61, from Montgomery Alabama, started playing minigolf as a kid and then turned pro in putt putt and the sport of MiniGolf
  • Won the 2016 Masters (which is 12 rounds played on 3 different MiniGolf courses in Myrtle Beach) with the Hawaiian Rumble being one of them
  • Shot a record for lowest score in the Masters history in 2016 which still stands, 347 over 12 rounds, an avg of 28.92 strokes a round. That’s an avg a minimum of 7 holes in one on 18 holes
  • Shot a course record on the Hawaiian Rumble in 2016 of 25
  • Also won the biggest PPA event in 2016 and got inducted into the PuttPutt hall of fame
  • Since 2021 his performance has taken a major dip – His scores from 2015-2020 are on average 2 full strokes lower than since then

To Make Top 6 (+200)

  • Represented Team USA last year in Finland, helped them to a top 3 finish
  • Started playing mini golf with his family after church in 2002, when the owner encouraged him to enter into local tournaments. “I won most of them, and he then got me to enter the Masters. I was hooked after that”

To Make Top 12 (+100)

Gary Hester

  • One of the most experienced and talented putters to look out for is Gary Hester
  • Teeing off his Mini Golf career in 1969, Gary has over 50 years of experience in the sport
  • He started at the Arnold Palmer Mini Golf course in High Point, NC, where he took home four straight championships
  • In the early 2000’s, Gary joined the USPMGA and began taking his Mini Golf game more seriously
  • In the Masters, he has won multiple senior divisions and has registered 11 top ten and two second place finishes in the main draw – Gary has also represented the US National Mini Golf Team at the World Mini Golf Championships for the last few years
  • In Sweden he finished as the top American and finished third overall.
  • More recently, he entered into the first Pop Stroke classic with a top 5 finish – Won the inaugural WPL event!

Outright Winner (+1300)

  • Inventor of the “schlub” shoe club
  • Suffered a serious injury preventing him from using his arms, more specifically couldn’t grab or hold anything due to his weak wrists
  • Holds a patent on the schlub attachment

To Make Top 24 (+200)

  • One of the few people in the world to shoot a recorded perfect 18 on a MiniGolf course
  • Top 3 favorite going into the tournament – His Dad was a big golfer and introduced him to the sport
  • Started on the practice putting green at the course, fell in love with Putting

Outright Winner (+600)

John Ventura aka Ace Ventura

  • Ace is a nickname for a hole in one
  • He gets a lot of holes in one (risky player) but he also three puts it a lot
  • 71 years old with a go get it attitude – Winner of 5 of the last 7 Super Senior US Pro Mini Golf events
  • Been putting for over 50 years
  • Favorite Minigolf Course, Mossy Creek Tenn. Hole 13 a true test of guts!

To Make Top 12 (-120)

Myrtle Beach, April 20th, Betting Preview

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